Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Where Am I? – Quiz #1

By James, the Long, Dark, and Handsome Buick

Sometimes (more times than Joann will admit), she parks me where she thinks I won’t interfere with her photography, but then she discovers (usually when she’s far away from me) that she can’t take the angle she wants because I’m “in the way.” So I suggested (humbly, of course) that she should consider using these “mistakes” to her advantage. After all, I’m pretty good-looking.

It took a bit of convincing, but she’s on board now, so today I am introducing our newest series, called “Where Am I?”. I will give you clues and you try to figure out where I am. Ready? Here are the clues:

I’m in the great state of Wisconsin, the place we call home.

The western county of Monroe is home to the city I’m in.

The city I’m in is the Monroe County seat.

This city is known as the “Bicycling Capital of America.”

Where am I?

Please leave us a comment with your guess and tune back in for the answer.

In the meantime, Happy Shunpiking!


  1. Must be Sparta! Love your photos.

  2. You made this one very easy for us, James!! Yes, must be Sparta!

  3. I see I need to brush up on my Wisconsin Geography! Love the pics as usual.