Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Visitor at Olde Hall Church

By Ruth A. Ringelstetter

Last spring, April of 2014, Joann and I were in Kentucky for our annual photography trip. On these trips, I try to have a variety of sites to visit, and one of those things that I had marked was the Olde Hall Church in the tiny town of Hall.

There is no sign on the main highway pointing the way to Hall, so as is often the case, I missed the road the first time. It’s a good thing Joann trains her cars to turn around often, since we had to make a U-turn to visit the church.

As you drive along the tree-lined road into town, the first thing you see off to the right is the Olde Hall Church. It was built in the late 1800’s, but no longer has an active congregation. It is still used for community events, and has an annual community Christmas concert.

As Joann was finishing up her photographs of the church, a beautiful Great Pyrenees dog came over and lay down on some old steps.

Great Pyrenees are often used as livestock guardian dogs. They are calm, patient, and smart. When they don’t have animals to guard, they will guard something else.

We weren’t sure if the dog was guarding the church, the neighborhood, or us, but it was very patient as Joann crept around taking photos.

She is usually cautious with animals because they usually do one of three things: get skittish and run, get aggressive and bark, or get overly friendly and come too close to the camera to get any photos. None of these things happened with this dog. It just patiently rested or slept on the steps. We almost hated to leave, but finally we decided we had to keep moving.

We circled around through town and finished by taking a few more pictures of the church as we headed back to the highway and on to our next stop.

It was a pleasant stop and was nice to have a visit from a very friendly dog.

Happy Shunpiking!


  1. Love these! The church looks well cared for. How interesting that the tower/steeple is not centered. Wonder why?
    Love the dog, too!