Sunday, May 31, 2015

Where Shall We Park?

By Ruth A. Ringelstetter

The first time we came across an unusual parking sign was in Northern Minnesota, and we thought it was hysterical. It was a “No Parking on Sidewalk” sign. We couldn’t believe that a sign would be needed to remind people of that.

At various churches, we’ve often seen signs reserving a spot up front for the pastor or the organist, but at one church, there was a sign simply stating “Thou Shalt Not Park Here”.

Then in Toledo, Iowa while driving around in the rain, we came across some signs that made us scratch our heads. (And make a note to return when it wasn’t raining to photograph the signs.) One side of the street states that you cannot park on that side on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.

When we checked the signs on the other side of the street, they stated there was “No Parking Mon. –Wed. , Fri. & Sun.” I guess this means “don’t come home on Tuesday, or don’t have any guests on Tuesday.”

And I wonder what it takes to figure out that 12 minutes is the maximum amount of time that someone should be spending at the Post Office, as this sign indicates in Lawrenceville, Illinois.

Or that you can finish your business with your realtor in 24 minutes?

And there is a sign here in Dane County, which Joann sees often, proclaiming free parking for customers. They took the time to make it look old fashioned, sort of like in the 50’s. But who checked the spelling on this sign? It’s been there for years, so, either no one has noticed, or they have and they hope that no one else does.

And sometimes small parking signs proclaim a love of a certain vehicle as this one proclaims in a small town in Wisconsin. Parking for Oliver tractors only, or you will be “plowed under.”

And just last fall, in Taylors Falls, Minnesota, the parking lots along the main street had signs stating
Parking All Day for 1 cent. There’s a way to use up those pennies!

Those are some of the humorous parking signs we’ve come across in our travels. Have you stumbled on any in yours? (If not, you probably just haven’t noticed them. They seem to be everywhere!)

Happy Shunpiking!


  1. Love the way you bring our attention to these little things!