Friday, February 26, 2016

Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future at Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

By Ruth A. Ringelstetter

During the evening hours of February 13, 2016, fire broke out at the Rabbit Hash General Store. Multiple fire departments responded to the fire, but they were only able to pull a few large pieces from the store before it became too dangerous to be inside the building.

The fire could be seen across the river in Rising Sun, Indiana. By the time the fire was put out, the building was a total loss. The General Store building was owned by the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. The store and the town had survived so much, including the Civil War, the Great Depression, multiple floods, and landslides. The Rabbit Hash General Store was in continuous operation since 1831, during which time 38 US presidents took office.

While the old site is being cleaned up and the planning for rebuilding is completed, the General Store is up and running in the annex known as the Rabbit Hash Barn.

The good news is, they plan to rebuild. The bad news is, it will take quite a lot of money, which they do not have. A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist in raising funds for the rebuilding of the store. You can also mail a check to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society at 11646 Lower River Road, Union KY 41091. There will also be some fundraisers in the future with all proceeds going to the rebuilding fund. If you would like to receive updates about the store, “Like” the Rabbit Hash Historical Society’s Facebook page.

Joann and I love old general stores, and we were blessed to have visited the Rabbit Hash General Store twice in our travels. We soaked in the atmosphere and the charm of the town and its people and visitors.

The town of Rabbit Hash is only a few acres, but to the people who live there and the people who return again and again, it was known as “the center of the universe”. When we visited on the weekend, it was hard to find a place to park.

The Rabbit Hash General Store was a destination. With the help of neighbors and friends, it will be again.

If you love General Stores as we do, visit them whenever you get the chance. We plan to visit Rabbit Hash again the next time our travels take us to Northern Kentucky.

Happy Shunpiking!

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  1. Thank you for telling about this outcome to a tragedy. Glad they are rebuilding. :)