Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rhyme Time – Reckless Abandon in Crandon

By Joann M. Ringelstetter

On an autumn trip to the north
To the town of Crandon we came
So at dawn I stood on the street
To see what was calling my name.

The old Hotel Crandon spoke out
And a sign for Ducks Bar beckoned me
But a fancy brick lodge for the masons
Was the loveliest thing I could see.

As I entered the crosswalk to start,
A man strolled leisurely by;
“It’s a beautiful day!” the man said,
“Yes, it IS!” I said in reply.

“If only I would have known
You wanted a picture of me,
I would have combed my hair
And dressed with more dignity.”

I looked at the hat on his head
And thought that he might be bald
Then something came out of my mouth
And I hope you won’t be appalled.

I asked with a grin and a giggle,
“Do you HAVE any hair 'neath that hat?”
So he lifted the hat as he said,
“A couple, and that is that.”

Then he passed me and turned back around,
And said, “What are you up to today?”
“Oh, about five foot six,” I replied,
As his head began shaking away.

“You’re really on your game,” he remarked,
As I shrugged and said, “Have a nice day!”
And our brief encounter was over
As he smirked and walked away.

Happy Shunpiking!


  1. In June of 1983, we spent a week at a cabin on Lake Metonga near Crandon. It was a beautiful northwoods area. Thanks for sharing your photos and clever poem. Brought back some fond memories of the time we spent there with the kids.

  2. Love it - thanks for the laugh today!