Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Minnie Mouse Surprise

By Ruth A. Ringelstetter

In late May of this year, Joann and I took a drive to the east. Our days always start very early, and that day was no different. By mid-afternoon, we were nearing Fond du Lac. We had photographed an old schoolhouse, and were getting onto Highway 151 to buzz around the city of Fond du Lac when something caught my eye.

I thought I saw Minnie Mouse on a mailbox. Did I really? Immediately I told Joann that I just saw Minnie Mouse. She asked if we should turn around. I never know what to say to that question. I saw enough to recognize Minnie Mouse, but what was the setting? Could we get any good photos?

But then I thought, how often do you see Minnie Mouse along the side of the road? So I said yes, we should turn around. Joann found a spot that allowed us to cross the highway, and then another so we could cross back to the side we had been on.

And there was Minnie Mouse, and she was driving a tractor mailbox! I’m glad we turned around, because she was too cute to pass up.

Happy Shunpiking, and always keep your eyes open for unexpected things along the roads!



  1. Good eye, Ruth! Cute story!

  2. Forgot to check the notify box so doing it now!

    1. Thanks Phyllis! It's always fun to see this stuff. Especially since it was a working farm.