Monday, March 4, 2013

Airy Knoll Farm

By Ruth A. Ringelstetter

In January of 2011, we had new-fallen snow, so Joann and I decided to head west to Sauk and Richland Counties. We have covered so many of the roads in these counties, but the scenes along every road look different depending on the season.

As we drove around, we passed an old farmstead that was no longer being used. The farm had a for sale sign in the front, but we could tell no one was living there.

The farm was beautifully maintained, and the snow was pristine. Since no one was living there, the driveway was unplowed and no tracks marred the fresh snowfall.

The farm had one silo next to the barn with an interesting silo room attached. For some reason, we hadn’t paid much attention to silo rooms until recently. What a treat it was to find this one!

Without the machinery, cattle, plowing, and tracks of a working farm, it looked like an idyllic place to live. I don’t know what Joann thinks about as she takes her photographs, but I was looking around the farm and wondering what it had been like to grow up on this gorgeous farm.

We could tell how much the owners had loved this farm. So much so that they had given the farm a name and proudly displayed it, as well as their name, on the barn.

We don’t know what circumstances caused the farm to be put up for sale, but we hope the next owners love it as much as the family that gave the farm its name of Airy Knoll Farm.

With more snow on the way, it’s hard to believe that winter is almost over. We have to believe that and just try to enjoy the snow that comes our way until spring finally makes an appearance.

Happy Shunpiking!

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