Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finding Bigfoot

By Joann M. Ringelstetter

Last Thursday, Ruth and I left home early in the morning to photograph in Richland County, Wisconsin. On the way there, we stopped at our favorite blackboard to see what the roadside philosopher had to say. We’ve had several blog posts in the past about this wonderful blackboard. Here’s one of the messages we haven’t yet shared: “An apple a day will keep anyone away if thrown hard enough.”

That day, however, the message, which appeared to have been Christmas-related, was so worn off that we couldn’t read it. So there was no point in photographing it and I was disappointed. As I looked away from the blackboard, something caught my eye. It was Bigfoot, walking across the open field. Ruth and I started laughing and, of course, I had to get out and take a few pictures.

And then we immediately posted one to Facebook for our almost 10-year-old nephew, Toby, who is a faithful watcher of the show “Finding Bigfoot.” A couple years ago, we gave him a Bigfoot Research Kit for Christmas. The kit description said that it contained items that would “easily double (maybe triple!) your chances of finding Bigfoot.” The kit contained stickers, a membership card, evidence flags, a field journal, a magnifier, and scat bags. And when Toby had a choice between going with his parents up to Eagle River or going with his grandparents to the Pacific Northwest, he chose to go with his grandparents because he had hopes of searching for Bigfoot there.

As we travel the backroads in search of a good photograph, we always appreciate any roadside humor that we find. In this case, our disappointment with the faded blackboard message turned into the reward of finding Bigfoot.

Happy Shunpiking!


  1. When I was a child we lived in the redwood area of northern California. Bigfoot was very much alive and well in local folklore. Of course we always thought about him with a mixture of fear and fascination. He was real enough for us!

    1. Diana, I love northern California, especially the redwoods. I've been there three times, but I have to say that I never thought about Bigfoot as I hiked there. That's probably a good thing!

  2. You guys sure do find interesting things on your photography trips! Thanks for sharing! It really does look like bigfoot - bet Toby is jealous!