Friday, January 15, 2016

Got a Clue?

Here in Wisconsin, January started out very mild, with several days in the mid-30’s. On January 10, however, the temperature began to plummet and we had below zero temps for a few days. Yesterday, there was a really nice break from the cold and there was a fresh covering of snow, so Ruth and I decided to hit the backroads for the day.

Early in the morning, we headed west to Richland County, which has always been one of our favorite counties for photography. On the edge of Richland Center, we passed a sign that said, “Got a clue? We need you!”

I didn’t see what was on the rest of the sign and I began pondering those words when Ruth said, “What do you suppose they would say if I called them and said….” Before she could finish her sentence, I intuitively knew just what she was going to say and I started to laugh. And then she continued:

“I think it was Professor Plum…..”

“….with the rope…”

“….in the lounge.”

After we laughed for a couple of minutes, I asked her who had posted the sign, to which she replied, “Crimestoppers.” And that made us laugh even harder.

Happy Shunpiking!


  1. LOL! Clue is my hubby's favorite board game. I love it! :D

  2. Great story!! We sure had some fun times playing Clue when we were kids. We should play that for game day next time! Ellen would probably like it better too!! ;-)